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Con Ja Nai

Con Ja Nai XIX is fast approaching! Animania would like to thank all our guests- attendees are what make CJN happen. In particular, we'd like to thank special guests Crispin Freeman and Fred Gallagher for giving us some great presentations. While we start preparing for CJN XIX, take a look at what we had for CJN XVIII!

WHAT is Animania?!

Since its creation in 1980, Animania has gradually become well-known for being the official University of Michigan's source for Japanese animation and film. Over the years, Animania has evolved and expanded, offering more and more things to experience for those interested in anime.

With the undying passion of serving anime for over 20 years, Animania still continues to grow! Here is a link to our comprehensive FAQ that will help you learn more about our culture.


New Website

Posted by: misa^2

Hi everyone! We've moved our site to AnimaniaUmich.com! Please look there for the latest information. If you're looking for Con Ja Nai, go on over to ConJaNai.org Thanks!
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Con Ja Nai

Animania has always been proud to bring Con Ja Nai to our viewers every year, providing an amazing experience filled to the brim with anime-goodness in as many ways as possible. However, it has been brought to our attention over the past couple years, by our viewers and club members, that our normal date for Con Ja Nai is very close to another nearby convention: Youmacon. We know people love going to conventions, but more than one in a short time span seems to be a bit stressful for some. In the interest of giving everyone a chance to enjoy both to their full extent, and because we have no control over Youmacon, we have decided to move the date of Con Ja Nai from November to February. We hope this turns out better for everyone's schedules, so we hope to see everyone there. Stay tuned for an update on the exact date at a later time.

Ongoing site maintenance

The Animania website is slowly becoming what we had envisioned when we first started creating it. That being said, there are still kinks here and there that spring up occasionally and we are learning to handle them. For now, things are in the green but we'll be tweaking them as time goes by.

Server Upgrade

The server was upgraded on April 03, 2010. The old server ran this site fine, but this server should be powerful enough to handle any growth this site will have for quite a while to come :)