Con Ja Nai XIX's schedule is here!

Please note that the schedule is subject to change as we might need to move things around or replace some shows.

Note that all of our shows are shown in the original Japanese with English subtitles.

Game shows are italicized. Our special guest events are bolded.
Descriptions of shows and panels are forthcoming.

Vid Room 1: MLB First Floor, Auditorium 3
10:00AM Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
11:45AM Yu Yu Hakusho 1-3
01:05PM Fruits Basket 1-3
02:10PM Samurai Champloo 1-3
03:25PM Spice and Wolf 1-3
04:40PM Hellsing 1-3
06:00PM Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance
08:15PM Raffle
08:40PM Macross Plus 1-4
Vid Room 2: MLB Basement, B109
10:00AM Hetalia Axis Powers 1-15
11:15AM Kobato 1-3
12:35PM Persona 4 the Animation 1-3
01:50PM Excel Saga 1-3
03:10PM Gintama 1-3
04:25PM Maria Holic 1-3
05:45PM Sgt. Frog 1-3
07:00PM Princess Jellyfish 1-3
08:15PM Raffle
08:40PM Chobits 1-3
09:55PM Dream Eater Merry 1-3
Vid Room 3: MLB Basement, B111
10:00AM GetBackers 1-3
11:15AM Afro Samurai
01:30PM Air 1-3
02:45PM Serial Experiments Lain 1-3
04:10PM Chrono Crusade 1-3
05:35PM Genshiken 1-3
06:50PM Rozen Maiden 1-3
08:15PM Raffle
08:40PM Welcome to the NHK 1-3
09:55PM Umineko: When They Cry 1-3
Crunchyroll Room: MLB Basement, B122
10:00AM Digimon Tamers 1-3
11:20AM Magi 1-3
12:35PM Kids on the Slope 1-3
01:55PM Black Jack 7 1-3
03:10PM Space Brothers 1-3
04:30PM Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) 1-3
05:45PM Gankutsuou 1-3
07:00PM Sword Art Online 1-3
08:15PM Raffle
08:40PM Kokoro Connect 1-5
10:45PM School Days 1, 11, 12
Panel Room 1: MLB Basement, B124
10:00AM The Big Three, or: Four minus One
11:00AM Where Yu-Gi-Oh went wrong
12:00PM One Piece: Two is (not) better than one
01:00PM MST 9001
02:00PM Cosplay Contest
03:00PM Anime Jeopardy
04:30PM Are you the Cancer Killing Your Fandom?
05:30PM Kyle Hebert [1]
06:30PM Fred Gallagher
08:15PM Raffle
09:00PM Kyle Hebert [2]
10:00PM Visual Novels
11:00PM Kingdom Hearts Panel
Panel Room 2: MLB Basement, B135
10:00AM Tips on Anime/Manga Art 2.0
11:00AM Is Your Party too Large?
12:00PM Fashion Subcultures in Anime/Character Design
01:00PM SHAFT!
02:00PM In Defense of Kyubey
03:00PM Let's Draw Kawaii!
04:00PM Genetics Doesn't Do That!
05:00PM Marriage Material
06:00PM 1000% Love
07:00PM For Whom the Bell Tolls
08:15PM Raffle
09:00PM Anime Name that Tune
10:30PM Doctor Boys Love